See if you can bell the cat

When Linus Torvalds was writing the Linux kernel in 1991, he didn't have a pet penguin, he had a cat.

When Tim Berners-Lee wrote the code for the very first server/web client software in 1989, he had a cat watching over his shoulder. This was the software that gave birth to the World Wide Web in 1991, and changed the world.

And cats were there for it all. Coincidence? Not really. Cats are the perfect pet for a computer enthusiast. Cats are self-cleaning, in a pinch they can catch their own food, and they don't require constant affirmation of self. Frankly, they don't give a hiss what you think.

Still not convinced? Check this out...

Cat Briefly Manipulates
Google Maps

In October 2014, an anonymous cat drew a self-portrait in Google Maps using a 'trail' function that allows users to contribute hiking paths and trails to the maps.

Because it was drawn near Hobson Bay, that's in Auckland, New Zealand, it stayed on the map for several days before it came to Google's attention. Cats all over the world purred contentedly.

Even Google was surprised by the cattiness of the security breach, and vowed it would not happen again.

"We where aware that cats were trying to take over YouTube, but we didn't realize it was extending to Google Maps. We are looking into this." - Anne Baxter, Head of Communications for Google in New Zealand

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